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Derma Gun

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TDA Vanadium Titanium Needle Derma Injector Needle Free Mesotherapy Gun


Voltage:110V-130V / 60Hz,       220V-240V / 50Hz

Pin number:9pin, 25pin

Speed:0-20 (Adjustable)

Power: 65w

TDA Vanadium Titanium Needle Derma Injector Needle Free Mesotherapy Gun



TDA needle free mesotherapy gun (mesogun) adopts advanced processing technology to make an innovation on the injector.

Different from mesotherapy guns that use needles, we use a microchip with multiple pins to deliver nutrition and essentials, which can be reached to subcutaneous layer under high pressures from the pistol.

Nano chipset for injection is suitable for skin and safe enough during operation with hurting the tissues on the face.
Strong driving force engines, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits 12F+4R sliding sleeve shift.
Rolling wheel in front of the injector ensure a smooth rolling on the skin while operating.
Vanadium Titanium metal used, completely close to the skin, without any side effects, no metal residues.
Skin water replenishment and moisturizing
Dispelling toxin
Skin whitening, skin rejuvenation
Skin lifting, skin tightening
Shrinking pores
Fine wrinkle removal

1. Face Lifting
2. Whitening Moisturizing
3. Skin Rejuvenations
4. Vacuum Injection
5. Highly improve the forehead, temple, nose, eyes, mouth weeks light aging.
6. Prominent cheekbones relieved.
7. Plump cheeks.
8. Abundant lip.
9. Improve acne pit (atrophic scar).
10. Improve rough pore and neck lines, etc.

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